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Hello my name is Howl

Sounds funny doesn't it? But the truth be told many of my online, and now offline, friends call me by my nickname. I have become synonymous with it. Strange world isn't it?
Yes the Internet has become a modern phenomenon in that it has brought many people together and made friends of people who would otherwise never meet but that isn't  what this page is about it's about me..
Yuck ... I hate talking about myself but here goes...

Yeap wierd looking dog isn't he??

I was born and raised in the vast country of Canada living half my 13 years in a little town called Kettleby. I moved to the USA as a young teenager and have been here ever since. I am married with 3 children and presently live in NY state near the PA border. For 18 years I was a skilled professional dog groomer, running my own business, raising my children and doing some writing on the side when the whim struck me. On July 30, 2000 all that changed.
On our way home from a shopping excursion we were struck from behind by a car.  I received a blow on my head and was eventually diagnosed with TBI (tramatic brain injury) and it has vastly changed my life. after many months of being told by one doctor I was getting better - at the urging of a client I took the first step in my recovery. It was then that we began to realize how drastic the changes were. I am forever indebted to Helen Hayes Hospital in West Haverstraw, NY for their diagnosis and rehabilitation!

I have since come to terms with the fact that I will never groom professionally again. One never realizes how life can change in an instant. Now I am in the process of considering where my life is going and after packing up and moving to a new locale (a common occurance so I have been told) I am now looking about for options. I am hoping to be able to consider a career with people with disablities and have a considerable concern for talking about TBI and how to get more information and services. You can never know enough about anything that affects your life! A few good links below:

Brain Injury Association of the USA (October is Brain Injury Awareness Month!)


And so this web page was born of a determination that since I have not been able to find anyone to publish my poems I will do it in my own capacity on the Web. I have had many friends who have stood by me in my time of trouble and frankly, I have learned the value of good friends. When faced with a person with an acquired disability many turn away from you but those who stay will always be there! So for the many who have been my friends or have needed my friendship this site is for you!

And for those of you who come across this site I hope you will enjoy what you find and perhaps learn a new thing or two! You can never stop learning!

Update 10/04
Since this site was last updated (too long ago!) I have begun grooming again! Time heals in many ways, while I may never be as fast as I was nor my hand as steady I can groom and do groom! I also wrote an essay and submitted it to an International grooming site and won a runner-up award! Look for the essay on this site in Publish!
Update 3/05
 It has now been nearly 2 years since I returned to grooming. Since 4/03 I have been working for Petco- a national chain of pet supply stores. It has become the perfect fit for me as the stress of woning my own business is not something I think I can handle again. In 2004 I entered the Before & After photo competition and won a Runner-up award again!(I entered the essay competition the previous year and won a runner-up entry) The winning pictures will be uploaded to this site shortly.
I have since come to terms with the many changes in my life as a TBI survivor and in some ways this injury HAS changed my life for  the better. I am now living in a place I would not have come to before and enjoying it imensely. While at times stress can overwhelm me I must deal with it as best I can and rejoice in being a survivor. I welcome any questions one might have although I will confess I may not have answers! Enjoy the site and look for more updates!
Written by Moi
If you come across typos please contact me and tell me where you found them I do not always catch them I appreciate any heads up on them!

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