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To The Man I Love 

As I lay awake at morning and watch you sleeping there,

I feel you touch my heart and I reach to stroke your hair.

How did I get so lucky to find a man like you,

Who is loving me so much and whom Im loving too.


As I fall asleep at night I think of all the times weve had

Remembering all our memories, the good ones and the bad.

In my mind are moments, of times weve been together

In my heart are years, the ones that are forever.


As I work all thru the day, I feel you by my side

Helping me as I go, with courage and with pride.

It is hard enough to tell you, of all my hopes and fears

It is easier to show you my feelings and my tears.


As I watch the years go by, I feel the memories fade away

I think of all we are and what we have today,

We leave behind our children, with our stories and our tales

No matter what should come to pass, with them we never fail.


Copyright 1989

This was written aroudn the time our first born was a year old. It started out with my musings of a typical Sunday morning

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