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To Francoise


I am close, not far away

I know you're thinking of me today.

If thoughts of me should make you cry

And make you want to wonder why?

Remember what we had together

And feel my touch, light as a feather.

Although my body has gone to ash,

Your love for me has held me fast.

A part of me has stayed with you.

You know it well, you know it true

You take it with you every day

And this is what I have to say,

"That heart of yours, in your breast

Carries me thru eternal rest.

For every day as it flows

A part of me lives on you know.

For in your love you carry me,

Pure of soul and truly free.

The touch of Death has not won-

We are two hearts that beat as One."


In loving memory of Nick


Copyright 2001


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