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What is a Grandfather?



A grandfather is a man who fills you with awe

Hes the oldest man you ever saw

His wisdom is surpassed by none

Of all men hes the greatest one


A grandfather is a big man, he stands so tall

Beside him you feel so small

His hand so large it squeezes affection

Your hand in his- your greatest protection


A grandfather is a person who always forgives

He wipes away wrong and lets you live

He sits by your side through darkest night

And keeps away demons till morning light


A grandfather will always laugh at your jokes

He helps you grow to be like your folks

He teaches you to laugh and to cry

Directs your life as years go by


Although one day he will be gone

Your life with him shall go on

And if you laugh and hope and pray

A grandfather like him youll be some day.


Copyright 1992  

This poem was inspired by the observations of my first born 

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