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This is my online site for poetry I have written. Many of the pieces have appeared online at different sites. Some of the pieces are new and never before seen.  You will also find here quotes I enjoy and other poetry I have found that intriques me. If any pieces here are listed as being by anonymous authors and in fact penned by persons you know let me know. I would hate to violate copyright as I am adament about the rights of authors, photographers and the like.

To create this site, I just sat down and thought to myself: Why not share with all my Internet friends?  It has been my experience that  many wonderful people are out there and I have been inspired by many of them. We have shared good times and bad, held each other up thru tragedies and laughed at our antics.

It is with this thought in mind I dedicate this site to all my friends I have met online.


The Internet Heartbeat
What is it you ask? To me, it's a feeling, a rhythm. It's what makes the Interent a Special place. Soon it will become a palce on this site for people to allow their voices to be heard. Send me your thoughts, feelings and I will post them. I only ask you don't plagerize another's work as that is a violation of copyright. I wil not be held responsible for a person who does this.

All poems on this site are copyright Howl of the Wild unless otherwise stated

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