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Just how BIG is the Internet?

When the Internet was created for use as a military tool, no one had any idea how it would be utilized by the real world. It has broken down barriers of distance, race, languages and most of all, rules that were meant to be broken.
I have met some of the most wonderful people online.People whom I call my friends and  I hope they call me the same.  It is thru the wanderings of the World Wide Web we have learned that what one thinks is not so important as what one is. That distance is not so far nor expensive when experienced thru the computer screen. It is strange when you meet a person with whom you have spent time talking online..if they are the person they represent themselves to be while chatting, within a few minutes you feel like you have known each other for many years..others are not..they are not the person they portray and it is very easy to see that when you meet face to face. Probably the strangest thing is when you begin to talk in depth and you feel like you have known each other forever even though you may never have spoken verbally at all before! So Internet musing can be quite different than one thinks..
I owe a lot of gratitude to some of these friends as they have accepted the changes in me and have been a huge support when I felt I had no friends(yes when you have a debilitating injury people desert you!). The Internet can show you a whole new world and a whole new group of people that will change your definitions of what a friend truly is!

I have listed friend's sites above and if they have had reason for a poem that poem link is beside their name.

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