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Dog Door II

Pawprints at the Dog Door
In memory of Bayleigh, beloved companion of Codes


There's a new set of pawprints in Heaven tonite

Deep in the snow under the dog door light

The soul's bodyweight has not quite left

An Earthly family is feeling bereft


The wind from below is creating a chill

Enhancing the loss that words cannot fill

A dog's warm bed is empty tonite

A child is crying beneath moon's light


Her companion has fallen and left her alone

Leaving her heart as frozen as stone

Gone is the comfort of long doggy fur

The joy and happiness of puppy allure


A new set of paws have entered the fold

Gracing the Lords halls both new and old

Soon the  earthly weight of the dog will lighten

As the pups old soul begins to brighten


Soon the pawprints she leaves will not be as deep

Until one day she leaves them lighter than sleep

As her child on Earth lets her grieving time pass

That will be the end of her bodyweight mass


For in Heaven you see a dogs soul will fret

Until its humans broken heart has been set

Then it will not leave those pawprints below

The dog door light when it has snow



copyright 2000, 2002

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