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Dog Door III

A Voice at the Dog Door
Written for Furfeather upon the tragic death of Merlin, her impish shadow

There was a knock at a door in Heaven last night
It gave all the dogs in Heaven a fright
Everyone  knows that dogs just don't wait
They  go thru the door in St Peter's Gate
They listened and heard a young little voice
"I dont know what to do and I'm not here by choice
I dont know why I'm here, can you please let me in
I'm tired and hurt and don't know where I've been."
The dog door was lifted by God's heavenly hand
And there stood a dog-straight from Earth's land
"Well my dear boy there's been a mistake
You arent due at the dog door in Peters gate"
His voice boomed the words so earnest and true
The dogs there in Heaven weren't sure what to do
Then the crowd parted to let just one thru
She looked healthy and young and beauteous too
And a soft voice said "Now Mom's minus two
Dont worry dear brother I'll watch over you"
He knew in that moment just where he'd gone
And he was meeting his sister who'd passed to Beyond.
This young dog was scared and frightened they knew
A dog knows the way when it's Time to Come Thru
Something had happened that took him away
Taken his soul and brought him to stay.
And they all knew the worst thing of it all
That a person on Earth was taking a fall
A heart has been broken and cut to the quick
An Earthling was crying and feeling it thick
The silence was broken and one started to whine
The young dog was crying and they felt it in kind
He howled for the devastating loss that he felt
And what a large blow that his human was dealt
And beside him the dogs in Heaven all knew
Their voices must join in And give him his due
And they hoped that on Earth it would kindle a spark
And let that One know he was there in her heart.

copyright 2002

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