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Dog Door I

                The Dog Door
   The first in a series of several poems devoted to the pets of friends.

     There is a dog door in St Peter's Gate
     Dogs who go to Heaven just don't have to wait
     In thru the door they may pass
     No line, no wait, it's just that fast.
     In the Kingdom of Heaven there is a saying
     You're in Hell if you don't hear dogs baying
     They bark and howl at the smallest cloud,
     Barking all you want is just allowed.
     If you ever fret at what you left below
     A dog's furry paw lets you know.
     You aren't alone and you are loved
     Not only from below, but also above
     For who put the dog door in St Peter's Gate?
     So the dogs who go to Heaven don't have to wait?
     By the Lord Himself, whose wisdom knew
     That dogs can cure what He cannot do.
copyright 2000,2002

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