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Requiem to my Pet

Inspired by my Sister in Law's late Maltese Sugar


Where has my lovely lap pillow gone?
The one that I rested my book upon.
Eyes as black as darkest night,
Hair as white as angels flight.

I feel your presence at my feet,
Know not your weight as I sleep.
I know you're with me as I dream.
That things are not quite as they seem.

You are gone, my heart is broken,
And I hear words you've never spoken.
"I will always be near, my darling master,
I have just gone ahead a little faster"

One day we'll be together, never fear,
Until that day I know you're near,
I know you're waiting just over the ridge,
At the foot of the Rainbow Bridge.

Copyright 1997            

Grief for a lost pet may last for years. Doing something in memorium often helps an owner to accept the loss and to give them a place to memorialize the love they felt for their companion.Any pet loss poems on these pages are available to those who wish to put them on memorial sites.Please contact me for instructions.

Depression is common after a loss. Please do get help if these feelings continue or feel out of control or overwhelming.

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