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Yankee  Poodle Dandy




Yankee Doodle had a dog

Yes it was a Poodle

Yankee's Poodle went to town

ALooking like a shcnoodle


Yankee's Poodle needs a trim

Yankee's Poodle's bandy

Find a groomer in a shop

And hope their shears be handy


Founf the French one in the pub

Guess his hands were shaking

He said OOPs I made a muff

The straight lines were not taking


Yankee's Poodle left that pub

His anger was a raging

Found the Deutsch one in a tub

Some bubbles he was making


Yankee's Poodle didn't learn

A lesson from the first one

This one was a lathesman first

A leg turn was his great fun


The messed up trim was bad enough

What happened next was worse

A Boston party tossed the vat

To dye King George's furs


Yankee's Poodle did appeal

"I need a groomer fair

Why is it I ask you now

A good one is so rare?"


"Hold it there dog just a bit,"

Said Yankee Groomer true

"I'll fix you up a brand new look

A Yankee Poodle 'do"


Yankee's Poodle wasn't sure

Afraid of what might happen

Look at what had gone before

The old maids jowls were flapping


That groomer took him to his shop

And sure enough no lie

Fixed him up a brand new look

A Poodle 'Do and Dye


Yankee's Poodle was amazed

That groomer sure was handy

That Poodle has a brand new name

It's Yankee Poodle Dandy


Copyright 1999

Many people have seen pictures of creative grooming. Reactions run from disbelief to laughter to pure riducle to admiration. It takes a  lot of character to be able to withstand the reactions when your dog is in technicolour! I had to learn about colourizing a dog the hard way. When I first became interested in colouring  it was a highly kept secret amongst compeitors. However I was able to finangle some info and the rest I learned as I went. I debuted in my first grooming competition ever at Heshey PA in 1999 with the Yankee Poodle Dandy. Almost a year in the making it was a very difficult trim to do for the first time in competition. I learned once again from my competitors..keep it easy! Although I finished I did not place as I was against the top top creative groomers in the country but at least I finished. I was planning on returning to Groom Expo in 2000 with a show clip in the poodle ring but that was never to happen. Creative grooming was the funnest part of grooming for me and while I do still do it on occasion at home for fun it is one of the things I did as a professional that I have had to leave behind.
Update 10/04
Now that I am grooming again I am beginning a new creative aspect for my dog watch for future posts!

Ever seen a Unicorn? This is the first creative groom I did after my car accident. My daughter was going out as a Princess for Halloween and wanted a pony well I told her a renaissance lady was always on the lookout for the legendary Unicorn!


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