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50 Golden Years

50 Golden Years


50 Golden Years



Be still dear hearts, and walk with me

Back to a day in Forty-three

When two young hearts would beat as one

This is the story which has begun


Of a brave young man, dressed in green

A military coup yet to be seen

His pretty bride, all dressed in blue

The beginning of the future for these two


After three days, he will go to war

Leaving her behind to shut the door

Hoping and praying for more to remember

Than just the day, the twenty-sixth of September


More than two years they would be apart

His picture of her, carried close to his heart

Then one day in Forty-five

His discharge home would arrive


He traveled back to make a home

For just a short time they will be alone

In Forty-six two became three

Joined by little baby, Shirley


They built a house, with their hands and their hearts

Fifteen Western Ave would make a fine start

For in Nineteen Forty-Nine they were told by a sparrow

That Nineteen Fifty would bring Janice Carol


Their home was full and joy abound

The perfect life they had found

The house was full of joy and laughter

Living together, happily ever after


The girls almost grown, but hold on, just wait

Another surprise at life’s precious gate

A bundle of joy, they hoped it to be

A son, Nineteen Sixty-four, yes-Sherman Jeffrey





Shirley will fall in love, become a wife

In Nineteen Sixty-eight Craig joined her for life

Janice Carol, not long did she tarry

Nineteen Sixty-nine was the year she did marry


Craig and Shirley would soon have a son,

Thomas his name grandchild #1

Janice and husband  proved they had a will

Grandson #2, named for his father Bill


In Seventy One came a girl, Karen Mae

A granddaughter to brighten one’s day

Come Seventy Two there were Brian and John

Joining their brothers Billy and Tom


Through the years Sherman Jeffrey grew up

Till in Nineteen Eighty Seven he was an eager young pup

In July that year he took a bride

And Annette joined the fold for the ride


Ten months later, a baby to pamper

Grandchild #6 the first little Bamper

Another little girl from head to toes

Her name will be Caitlin Rose


The wedding bells had not finished their job

September Nineteen Ninety One, Karen Mae married Bob

And soon they will again ring on

October Twenty Third Staci marries Tom


Now stay dear hearts and listen to me

On this day in Ninety Three

As we thank the Lord above

For giving Sherman and Olly their love


50 years they have spent together as one

They have not finished what they had begun

With their children, grandchildren and one yet to be

Standing around them, this is their legacy.


And on this day we remember

That ceremony that day in September

When two hearts joined and became as one

And this is the story  which was begun.


Copyright 1993 Annette Bamper


 1993 Annette Bamper

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