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The Night Before Xmas was written as a vent during the xmas season. It is to be taken in that manner. Rememebr that many groomers get overwhelmed with work as any other bisiness and yet get treated with far less respect.

Twas the Night Before Xmas




Twas the night before christmas

  and all thru the shop,

  not a groomer was standing

  not even to mop.


  The stockings were hung

  by the bathtub so fair,

  to tie up the late-comer

  clients with care.


  The puppies were nestled

  all snug in their crates

  unaware of the groomers

  brimming with hate.


  When out at the door

  there arose such a clatter

  the groomers all knew

  just what was the matter.


  Away to the window

  they dared not to dash

  For there stood a client

  flashing some cash.


  "OH groomer I see you

  Come out here real quick

  I'll make it worth

  your time,yes I'll tip!!!"


  "Do Fluffy, and Peter

  and Bogart and Flo!

  And Jimmy and George

  Their hair sure did grow!"


  "I know you can do them

  You do them so well

  time is a wasting...

  Gee you all look like hell!!"


  "So can't you just sneak

  them into your shop?

  And do them up pretty

  with a bath and some glop?"


  We groomers all looked

  at each other and cried

  these owners just dont

  give up-we had tried!!


  Not once do they care

  that the groomers are busy

  overworked ,underfed, just

  a little bit dizzy.


  Did they make an appointment

  Well in advance?

  Oh no not at all,

  they just take a chance


  That a groomer can do them

  maybe here maybe there,

  Doesn't have to be theirs

  just do their dog's hair!!!


  And by the night before xmas

  they're all in a tizzy,

  cause not a groomer does care

  their dogs hair is frizzy!


  The groomers dont care

  they all want a nap

  they just want to give

  that client a slap


  "No we just cannot do

  that sweet little dear"

  yet we know in our hearts

  you just do not hear


  For Christmas is the time

  for wanting and giving

  The groomers are tired

  just making a living


  Please this we all beg

  just to keep ourselves sane

  next year make a point

  of taking the blame


  For not making a list

  and checking it twice

  and being the one whose

  not naughty but nice


  Call your dear friend, you know

  the crazy dog groomer

  and make your holiday grooms

  just a little bit sooner!
Copyright 1997

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Twas the Night Before Xmas ( kennel style)

Written by request after the groomer version was seen



Twas the night before Xmas

And all thru the crates

Not a puppy was whining

Even though it was late


Late for the Dog walker

Who took them to potty

Too late for the young

Six month old Rottie


He had messed in his cage

His shame it did grow

Till all you heard was teasing

On puppy dog row


When all of a sudden

There arose such a clatter

The opening of crates

And dogs pitter patter


The movement of paws

Over the floor

Past the puppy dog row

And out to the door


The sound of joyous

barking did grow

And out went the dogs

To sit in the snow


The poor little Rottie

He sat there in shame

He didnt want to go

And join in the game


When all of a sudden

In a flash of red light

An old man came over

And set the mess right


Dont fret my dear friend,

It happens round here

Dont worry or fret

They ll forget it my dear


Come out and play

Before I go back to my rounds

You dont have much time

Before the walker comes round


So out went the pup

To play with his friends

To romp thru the yard

And stretch out the bends


The dogs they did frolic

And the man he did laugh

His tummy was jiggling

Like the dog food can mash


The pups they did play

And he loved them all well

He helped them forget

Where they were for a spell


Their owners had gone and

Left them behind

No dogs for them

During holiday grind


So into the Kennel

The pups they did go

Depressed and Unwanted

Their eyes say it so


But on the magical night

When Santa appears

Fat in his sleigh

With eight tiny reindeer


He stops at the places

Of innocent loss

And lets the pups out

To play in the frost


And when they are happy

And ready to sleep

He tucks them in well

With nary a peep


And then off he does go

Thru the wintery night

Leaving dogs dreaming

All thru the night


When the dog walker comes

He finds then all quiet

Not the usual excited

Puppy dog racket


They sleep thru his visit

Snug in clean beds

As visions of rawhide

Float thru their heads


For Santa has visited

And sat for a spell

And left them with Love

Toys too as well


For Christmas you see

Is not about gifts

But giving sad souls

A bit of a lift


And the young Rottie pup

Who wasnt housebroken

Learned the true meaning of xmas

When Santa had spoken




Copyright 2000 

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